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The Tipi & Bell Tent Hire Company (Superstars) Ltd.

"Take only Memories leave nothing but footprints"

The Bell Tent Shop For Bell Tent Sales!

The Bell Tent Shop at offers you the chance to buy a beautiful luxurious cotton canvas bell tent along with all the accessories to go with it.

Our bell tents provide insulation against the cold and wind. Our tents are made of 100% cotton canvas which means no more waking in the morning with that sweaty, sticky feeling that most synthetic tents offer! Our tents will bring you years of enjoyment and a chance to live outdoors in style and comfort!

Shop Online Here at The Bell Tent Shop offers you a unique range of high-quality, 100% cotton canvas bell tents, touareg tents and North American tipis. We have been selling our beautiful tents for over eight years and know everything about these simple structures that has been sheltering people for hundreds of years.

Our top-quality tents are waterproof, 100% cotton and unbleached, which regulates humidity and lets the tent breathe. This ensures that our tents never feel damp or moist inside. Our tents are much more durable than any nylon or polyester tent and create a warm and cosy romantic vibe due to the subtle sand-like colour of the canvas. All our tents come with a sewn in insect door to keep out any unwanted creepy crawlies!

The Bell Tent Shop sells only top-quality canvas bell tents that have been tested to European standards. If you prefer to buy a bell tent rather than hire a bell tent, please find us at The Bell Tent Shop or get in touch with us at [email protected]